Tobias Deml

Visual Artist and Filmmaker

Tobias Deml in 2011, photographed by Leo Leung.
Tobias Deml in 2011, photographed by Leo Leung.
Name: Tobias Deml Born: 1989 in Vienna, Austria
Expertise: Cinematography, Directing, Photography,
3D Graphics, Design / Image Manipulation, Concept Art

Tobias Deml is a visual artist and filmmaker from Austria.

His interest in drawing and reading developed early on through comics and lack of a television set.
Being a teenage nerd, Tobias was exposed to many 3D computer graphics online. In November 2003, at the age of 14, he purchased his first 3D program (Cinema 4D) and a few months after, he delved into other visual fields such as image manipulation, photography and sketching - completely self-taught. Throughout high school, he worked on various freelance jobs in the area of animation, print, advertising and visualization.

In 2008, at the age of 18 and after graduating from high school, he served in a social service for one year in Los Angeles and Montreal to substitute his mandatory Austrian military service. During this year abroad, he discovered the magic of living among a foreign culture and decided to become a filmmaker, building on his seven years of self-taught visual art skills and his existing fascination for the collaborative process.
He studied film at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles where he met Hiroki Kamada. After collaborating for more than two years and feeling a necessity to follow their ambitions, they co-founded Prodigium Pictures in 2011.

Tobias' personal visual work and films can be viewed at, and you can learn more about his latest experimental narrative project "Terminated" on the film's website.


Cinematography Reel:


Film Recommendations

There are many great movies in the world, but the best can be written on a single sheet of paper. Tobias wants to recommend - without restriction - these 20 films to you; he left out many of his favorite films which you are likely to have seen (e.g. Avatar, The Dark Knight) in order to also include films that you might have never heard of.

 A company should always be led by someone who is enthusiastic about the skill and craft his or her company provides - leaders should be hands-on. By sharing his personal film recommendations of known and lesser known films, Tobias hopes to give you some impression of what is important to us at Prodogium  Pictures.