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7 Reasons Why Video Marketing is So Powerful

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Video marketing is the ideal way to reach your audience, build trust, and promote your business. The video medium enables your company to share its story and properly communicate its impact. If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says thousands of words per second.

Studies report that the average human attention span is less than a goldfish. A way to interpret this information is that humans are getting more efficient at skimming materials for pertinent information.

What happens to the human attention span when your business has a lot of important information that your audience would benefit from hearing about? If your target audience is only skimming website copy, is your brand voice being adequately represented?

The power of video in marketing is its ability to generate sales by concisely and quickly delivering a message. Videos directly communicate your brand voice and hold the attention of your audience.

Continue reading for all of the benefits of video marketing and why your business should strongly consider using video marketing in your marketing plan.

Reasons to Use Video for Marketing

There are many reasons to incorporate the power of video in marketing into your business strategy. Video marketing helps your business generate sales with a market advantage, engage with your audience, and garner brand loyalty and trust. We will discuss all of these and more below.

1. Generates Sales

The best outcome of any marketing strategy is generating new sales - that’s the goal. Video marketing is a powerful tool for generating sales because of all the reasons in this list combined.

One study reports that of those who used video in marketing, 81% found a direct increase in sales and nearly halved their customer service support times.

Marketing statistics suggest that video in marketing helps generate sales by increasing website traffic and the time users spend browsing your site.

With the rise of Netflix, HBO, and other streaming services, commercials have adapted. Now, we also see commercials on our phones. Social media marketing is crucial for generating sales, especially if your target audience is under 40 years old.

So what is the superpower of video marketing that propels sales? A video is an ultra-efficient tool for depicting information that activates audial learners and visual learners. Video marketing displays your brand voice and projects your products in a way that is consumable and memorable to your target audience.

2. Algorithms Favor Videos

Consumers favor video content, so social media promotes video content.

With the success of video-only content on platforms like YouTube, Vine, and TikTok, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram adjusted their services to include more video content. Facebook has Stories and live-video features and Instagram has Reels.

Reels get more view-time from users on Instagram than other shared content on the platform. Instagram benefits from more and longer views, so Instagram promotes Reels heavily, drawing users to video-only content.

Businesses that use video marketing have a market advantage with a higher likelihood of content getting featured. With more views and shares, a video drives traffic to your site and product pages.

3. Videos Increase Brand Awareness

With algorithms favoring video marketing, videos are more likely to be featured. Featured content displays your videos to a wider audience and builds brand awareness.

Brand awareness is integral to generating sales. Consumers need to know about your product and its benefits to desire it.

Then, there is the concept called social proof. Social proof has exploded the influencer community, driving brand awareness to new and wider audiences.

Social proof is a modern keeping up with the Joneses, or emulating behaviors that others portray as favorable.

When influencers post videos of themselves using products, it becomes a trend. For example, Ocean Spray received over 15-billion media impressions because of a viral TikTok video that cost Ocean Spray nothing to create. Thousands of similar videos were produced of people drinking Ocean Spray on a skateboard because of this one video.

Not only did the viral video generate sales, since the purchase of Ocean Spray was needed to recreate the video, but it also garnered impressive brand awareness by encouraging shares on social media. 

A cameraperson getting ready to film a woman sitting in a living room.

4. Engages With Your Target Audience

The power of video in marketing is in how it engages with your audience.

Videos are a way of brand marketing that directly speaks to your consumers to show them your passion and authentic voice.

If you want to engage with your audience, you need to produce consumable content for them. TikTok is on track to reach 1.5-billion users by the end of 2022, showing that the masses want video content.

Video marketing puts you on the stage in front of your target audience. Build brand awareness and engage with your target audience by uploading a short video to social media platforms.

5. Builds Brand Trust

Something that video in marketing does exceptionally well is put a literal voice to your brand, which helps humanize your company image.

Videos also build brand trust by giving a true-to-life depiction of your products. Consumers get a better idea of product sizes, colors, and textures through video content.

Society has become accustomed to being tricked by images with filters and airbrushing. While videos still go through an editing process, they depict products in a 3D way that appears more true-to-life than an image alone.

Video marketing depicts your product in an eye-catching way and allows you to share interesting details of the manufacturing process with your consumers. Videos are a way of opening a window into your brand's world, and transparency builds brand trust.

6. Saves Your Customers Time

When someone is perusing your website or social media page, they are investing a valuable resource: their time.

Earlier, we mentioned that humans have less of an attention span than goldfish. So, while people may be spending time on your page, are they actually paying attention?

A concise and well-made explainer video saves your customers time and holds their attention. This eases the customer journey and anticipates their top questions all in one place, meaning customers have less time to get distracted away from the Purchase Button.

7. Generates a Memorable User Experience

Video in marketing helps save your customers time by clearly and concisely delivering pertinent information to help power their buying decision. But saving your customers time is just one way that video marketing generates a positive and memorable user experience.

Video advertising is not a new concept. The first television commercial aired in 1941, and we continue to see commercials on our screens today. Commercials and video marketing persist because they stimulate emotional responses and activate the brain.

Combine your video content with catchy music to positively arouse emotional responses in your audience. In fact, any emotional response is more memorable to audiences than content without emotional stimulation.

A man holding some camera equipment at a Prodigium Pictures film shoot.

The Bottom Line

Brands that are genuine and share their passion for their product with their audience have far more success building customer loyalty and garnering attention on social media platforms.

Videos in marketing generate sales by increasing brand awareness, building customer trust as you engage with your audience, and creating memorable experiences for your audience.

Contact Prodigium Pictures and share your story through video marketing. Our producers bring years of expertise to your message and help you reach your audience in an eye-catching and impactful way. Start planning your content marketing strategy with video production and experience the power of video in marketing.

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April 22, 2022
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